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Portland, OR

Completed 2020


Daniel Kaven, Partner-in-Charge
Trevor William Lewis, Partner-in-Charge
Mike Perso, Director of Architecture
Katy Krider, Director of Interiors
Lauren Bruni, Project Designer
Joel Dickson, Project Designer
Max Taschek, Project Designer


2020 Architecture MasterPrize

Wallpaper* Magazine
The Oregonian
Portland​ Architecture

At the end of a long, curved road high above the city in Portland’s beloved Forest Park, the Royal residence is perched elegantly at the coveted ecotone of forest and town along Royal Boulevard. Enter through a dramatic foyer with clerestory windows into the main living area, which features white oak floors with dark walnut inlay borders, a substantial wood-burning hearth, and a kitchen lined with custom-designed, handcrafted oak cabinetry. Floor-to-ceiling glass and wall-to-wall sliding doors seamlessly extend into the forest scape, giving way to expansive terraces and unobstructed views of the natural flora cascading down to the valley floor.

Royal is a rare gem set into forested acreage less than 500 feet from the renowned Wildwood Trail, boasting sweeping exterior terraces and balconies overlooking a lush wooded expanse. The home, designed and developed by William / Kaven Architecture, sits on one of nine parcels owned by the studio and associated partners. The design includes:

  • Four bedrooms.
  • Three-and-a-half baths.
  • Common areas with open floor plans.
  • An oversized garage.

Located within minutes of downtown Portland, this intelligently designed modern dwelling cantilevers far above the forest floor among the reaches of Douglas fir and vine maple. A vast network of hiking trails encircles the property. Morning rays reach into all bedrooms, carefully oriented to optimize eastern exposure. Throughout the day, the kitchen and living areas are flooded with southern light, while the deciduous canopy perennially exposes the diffuse winter sky and tempers the hot summer sun. On warm nights, slide open the 13’ pocketed wall off the kitchen and dine beside a Juliet balcony overlooking dense greenery and deep ravines. Or, on winter nights, huddle beside the central hearth.