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What Is 3D visualization?

3D visualization refers to the process where graphical content is created using 3D software
Similar terms include 3D rendering, excellent computer-generated imagery (CGI), 3D graphics and so on.
Over recent years 3d visualization has gained great popularity and evolved into one of the most essential methods to producing high-quality digital content. Numerous industries ranging from films, games, engineering, architecture, hospitals and manufacture are taking advantages of such a technology. the definition, applications, benefits, selected software and the future of 3D visualization.
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3D Rendering Services

​3D Animation

Animation and 3D visualisation work in harmony. We all love animation and some of our favourite characters are created by 3D visualisation. In the coming years, 3D visualisation will be extensively used as it quickens the process and saves a lot of pennies for the producers.

It is expected that by the year 2020 global animation industry will reach the mark of USD 270 billion and the year on year(YoY) growth will be around 2.1%, which paves the way for 3D visualisation growth.

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3D Rendering Services for Architecture and Real Estate
Architectural Visualization

​High Quality 3D Images

3D visualisation techniques are helping the real estate sector to modernise in a big way. It shortens the overall product development life cycle and quickens the marketing process, by allowing the builders to market better to their target audience as the buyers want to know the feel and look of the upcoming projects.

Solutions like rapid prototyping, AR & VR software, mixed reality and VR animation are revolutionizing the architectural industry. In fact, a recent research shows that 3D visualisation will play a major role in pulling up the real estate industry to USD 70 trillion by 2030.

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