3D Architectural Rendering Services
A wide interior rendering of a modern living room featuring a gray sectional sofa adorned with patterned cushions, a small wooden coffee table, and a soft throw. The space includes a stylish metal staircase with glass balustrades that lead upstairs, contributing to the open, airy feel. Large windows and sliding glass doors fill the room with natural light, highlighting the stone accent walls and potted greenery, creating a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor elements.
3D Rendering Services

Professional 3D Interior Visualization by Architectural Phoenix Team

A contemporary kitchen and dining area featuring a modern gas stove set into a granite countertop, with a view of wooded surroundings through large windows. The kitchen showcases wooden cabinetry with sleek, metal handles and a dining area with a wooden table set for six. An artistic wooden sculpture stands near the dining space, enhancing the natural, sophisticated decor. The room is illuminated by natural light and recessed ceiling lights, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere

3D Interior Visualization

The Architectural Phoenix Team enhances project development with features like same-day starts, 1-week delivery, and stunning results. Their skilled 3D artists expertly transform interior design ideas into visual masterpieces. Clients are encouraged to consider various factors for optimal 3D visualizations, including the time of day, weather, lighting, and other contextual elements, which are crucial for creating impactful architectural visualizations. This approach ensures that each project is tailored to showcase its unique features effectively.

Why Choose Our 3D Visualization Services?

Gain an edge with our dedicated 3D visualization services that bring your interior designs to life with precision and creativity.

  • Expert Team: Our team of 3D artists possesses extensive experience and creativity, ensuring each visualization is crafted to perfection.
  • Quick Turnaround: Start your project today and enjoy a one-week delivery time, so you can see your visions realized faster.
  • Tailored Results: We customize every project to match your vision, considering factors like time of day, lighting, and weather conditions for optimal realism.
  • Advanced Technology: Utilize the latest 3D visualization technology to create detailed and immersive representations of your designs

Discover how Architectural Phoenix Team can elevate your project. Contact us now to begin transforming your ideas into breathtaking 3D visual masterpieces!

Bespoke 3D Interior Visualization Process from Architectural Phoenix Team    

At Architectural Phoenix Team, our bespoke process ensures each 3D interior visualization project is managed with exceptional precision from concept to completion. Discover how we transform your ideas into stunning visual masterpieces.

Initial Consultation  

Begin your journey with a one-on-one consultation with our visualization experts. Discuss your vision, goals, and specific needs. We meticulously gather all necessary information to ensure the visualization perfectly matches your expectations.

  • Benefits: Customized attention to every detail, prioritizing your preferences from the outset.

Concept Development  

Our skilled team creates initial sketches and conceptual layouts, offering you a variety of designs to choose from. This stage is tailored to fit the unique scope of your project and personal style preferences.

  • Flexible Design Options: Catering to a wide range of tastes and ensuring complete client satisfaction.

Detailed Designing  

After selecting a concept, we proceed with detailed 3D modeling. This phase involves precise measurements and the integration of unique design elements.

  • High-Resolution Visuals: Allowing for comprehensive feedback and adjustments to perfect the final product.

Feedback and Revisions  

We present the initial renders for your review and refine them based on your feedback, ensuring alignment with your vision.

  • Benefits: Iterative refinement process that guarantees the final visualization meets your exact specifications.

Final Delivery  

We finalize adjustments and deliver the completed 3D visualization. Our commitment is to not just meet, but exceed your expectations.

  • Benefits: Prompt and efficient delivery, emphasizing quality and client satisfaction.

Ready to Transform Your Space?  

Start your 3D visualization journey with us today and see your ideas develop into breathtaking realities. Connect with the Architectural Phoenix Team and elevate your space with precision-designed 3D visuals!
3D visualization of a modern bathroom featuring a freestanding oval bathtub, a glass shower enclosure, and a wooden vanity with a sink. The bathroom has large, floor-to-ceiling windows offering a view of a dense forest. The interior includes gray tiles, recessed ceiling lights, and a beige bath mat.
3d Architectural Interior
3D visualization of an elegant walk-in closet with white custom shelving. The closet features multiple sections for hanging clothes and shelves for shoes and accessories. A large, ornate brass chandelier hangs from the ceiling, adding a touch of luxury. Natural light streams in from a window on the right, highlighting the warm wooden flooring.
Architectural Visualization and 3D Rendering Services

Architectural Phoenix Team for all your business needs

Still, 3D room rendering for presentations and marketing.

Spacious living room featuring a traditional fireplace with a white mantel, surrounded by large windows offering views of greenery. The room is furnished with two beige upholstered armchairs with black and white patterned pillows, a modern white marble coffee table with a wooden base, and a large, abstract-patterned area rug in shades of beige and gray. Sunlight filters through the windows, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
3D Visualization Interior Design
High-quality 3D rendering of a modern living room with a stylish staircase. The staircase features dark gray metal steps with open risers and glass side panels, supported by a black metal frame. The living area includes a gray upholstered sectional sofa adorned with patterned pillows, a small wooden coffee table, and a large indoor plant adding a touch of greenery. Floor-to-ceiling windows fill the space with natural light, offering views of an outdoor garden.
3D Interior Design
Overhead view of a contemporary living room featuring a dark gray sectional sofa adorned with patterned throw pillows. The central area includes a large beige area rug and a dark wooden coffee table, accompanied by two matching side stools. A golden pouf adds a splash of color. Natural light casts geometric shadows across the room, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere
3D Visualization Interior
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How to order interior 3D rendering?

Contact Architectural Phoenix Team client managers via online chat or email and send a detailed brief to 3D artists. The brief usually includes the following:

  • Drawings or sketches with measurements.
  • A technical description of the task.
  • Photo references.
What is interior 3D rendering?
Interior 3D rendering is the process of creating APT images that show the interiors of both residential and commercial real estate. Such imagery showcases the layout and design solutions — overall style, selected materials, furniture & decor pieces, etc.
How much does interior 3D rendering cost?

The cost depends on your project requirements. Most of the time, the price consists of the number of working hours spent on the project and the complexity of the task. To learn the exact cost of your project, ask for an estimation from Architectural Phoenix Team client managers.

How long does the interior 3D rendering process take?

It depends on the complexity of the project. It could take a few days or a few weeks. Generally, 3D rendering of one room takes up to 48 hours, excluding corrections.

What software is used to create interior 3D rendering?

There are a lot of 3D rendering tools, but one of the most popular ones are 3ds Max, VRay, Corona Renderer, Maya, Blender, Maxwell, and Lumion.

How interior 3D rendering is done?

3D artists create 3D models or, using ready-made ones, build a scene in which they put all the models according to a particular composition. Then, they assign materials and textures, set lighting and cameras, tune rendering settings, and start the process.

What is architectural visualization?
In the field of architecture, visualization refers to the practice of representing a new structure in a way that can be easily digested. Thought of as the language between the client and the designer, visualization generally takes place before the building process begins.

3D visualization is the most recent development in architectural visualization and refers to creating three-dimensional models of a structure using computer software. Clients can walk around a 3D model and view it from any angle. Elements such as carpets, furniture, paintings and lights can also be added and their effects can be observed.

The 3D models of today are detailed and highly accurate. They contain real-life elements like sunlight effects and shadows, making them look almost like photographs.
Modern bathroom design featuring a charcoal gray vanity with brass handles and a white marble countertop. Above the vanity are two rectangular mirrors with rounded corners and black frames, flanked by black industrial-style wall sconces. The background includes a soft gray wall and a small vase with greenery on the countertop, adding a touch of nature to the elegant space.
Architectural Visualization Interior
High-quality 3D architectural rendering of a luxurious backyard with a swimming pool. The setting features a modern house with extensive glass doors and windows, revealing a glimpse of the stylish interior. The pool area is complemented by wooden decking and a woven round pouf, with lush palm trees enhancing the tropical ambiance. In the background, a garage with two cars parked under a shelter adds to the residential feel.
3D Architectural Interior Rendering Services
High-quality 3D rendering of a modern living room with a stylish staircase. The staircase features dark gray metal steps with open risers and glass side panels, supported by a black metal frame. The living area includes a gray upholstered sectional sofa adorned with patterned pillows, a small wooden coffee table, and a large indoor plant adding a touch of greenery. Floor-to-ceiling windows fill the space with natural light, offering views of an outdoor garden.
3D Rendering Services

Interior Rendering Services: Pricing Overview

Factors Influencing Cost:

  • Complexity and Detail: More intricate and realistic renderings require additional time and resources, influencing the final cost.
  • Project Size: Larger spaces and multiple rooms entail higher costs due to increased workload.
  • Expertise: Rates vary based on the renderer's experience and reputation.

Pricing Models:

  • Per Image: Suitable for simple projects, ranging from $150 to $300 for basic visuals to $700 to $1500 for high-end, photorealistic images.
  • Per Square Foot: Often used for extensive commercial spaces, ensuring pricing aligns with project scope.
  • Hourly Rates: Typically between $50 to $200, depending on the professional's expertise.

Additional Considerations:

  • Prices may increase for rapid turnaround or extensive revisions.
  • Ensure all potential costs are discussed upfront to avoid surprises.

For a detailed quote tailored to your specific needs, Contact Us today!

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Interior Rendering Packages with Pricing

Basic Render Package


This package is designed for clients needing quick and simple interior renders, such as students, real estate agents, or small business owners who require basic visualizations without detailed customization.


  • One high-resolution 3D render per room
  • Up to 2 revisions
  • Standard quality texturing and lighting
  • Delivery within 5 business days


$200 per room

Standard Render Package


Ideal for interior designers and home renovation professionals who require more detailed and precise renders to present to their clients, showcasing different design options and lighting scenarios.


  • Two high-resolution 3D renders per room (different angles)
  • Up to 5 revisions
  • Enhanced texturing and advanced lighting
  • Inclusion of custom furniture and decorations from a predefined library
  • Delivery within 7 business days


$350 per room

Premium Render Package


This package caters to high-end architectural firms, large real estate developers, and clients needing detailed and highly customized interior visualizations to aid in decision-making and marketing of luxury properties.


  • Four high-resolution 3D renders per room (multiple angles)
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Premium quality texturing, lighting, and realistic material simulation
  • Custom furniture and decoration modeling based on client specifications
  • Interactive 360-degree panoramic view
  • Delivery within 10 business days


$600 per room

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