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Comprehensive Real Estate Design and Visualization Services

Architectural Phoenix Team International is a distinguished 3D rendering and design company based in New Jersey and Colombia, with over a decade of experience in architecture and CGI projects. Our 'Comprehensive Real Estate Design and Visualization Services' encompass a wide range of expert solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of the real estate sector. From the intricate planning and design of office buildings and interiors to the creative layouts of retail spaces and shopping centers, we provide detailed architectural blueprints and high-quality 3D renderings. Our offerings extend to both commercial and residential projects, including multi-unit housing, private residences, and specialized interior designs. For projects still in the conceptual phase, we deliver visionary unbuilt renderings, allowing clients to visualize and refine their projects before actual construction begins. Committed to merging functionality with aesthetic appeal, our team is dedicated to transforming real estate concepts into tangible, impressive structures and spaces that resonate with both innovation and practicality.

Commercial Projects

Office Building Project

Designs and completed projects of office buildings

Office Interiors

Custom interior designs for offices

Retail Space

Layouts and designs for retail environments

Shopping Center

Projects encompassing large-scale shopping centers

Factory Warehouse

Industrial designs for factories and warehouses

Unbuilt Commercial

Renderings and plans for commercial projects still in the conceptual phase

Commercial Rendering

High-quality renderings for all types of commercial projects

Residential Projects

Multi-Unit Housing

Development and design of housing complexes


Design projects for individual apartments

Private House

Custom designs for private residences

Residential Interiors

Interior design projects for residential spaces

Unbuilt Residential

Renderings for residential projects that have not yet been built

Residential Rendering

Detailed renderings showcasing residential designs

As a leader in architectural innovation, Architectural Phoenix Team International strives to exceed expectations with each project, regardless of its scale or complexity. Our dedication to excellence and our ability to harness cutting-edge technology allow us to deliver unparalleled results that not only meet but often surpass our clients' visions. Whether it's a commercial enterprise or a private residence, each design and rendering reflects our commitment to quality and our passion for creating spaces that are both functional and visually captivating. Trust us to bring your architectural ambitions to life, with precision, creativity, and a deep understanding of the latest industry trends. Ready to transform your vision into reality? Contact us today to schedule a consultation and start your journey towards architectural excellence.

Our Comprehensive 3D Rendering and Design Services

1. 3D Architectural Rendering

  • Our expertise in 3D architectural rendering transforms blueprints and design concepts into vivid, detailed visual presentations. Utilize our renderings to visualize future projects, enhance marketing efforts, or facilitate stakeholder presentations.

2. Interior and Exterior Animation

  • Experience dynamic walkthroughs with our interior and exterior animations, which bring architectural plans to life. This service allows clients and investors to explore realistic animated representations of a property before construction begins.

3. Interior Rendering

  • Specializing in high-resolution interior renderings, we meticulously craft images that reflect the intended atmosphere and design nuances of a space. Ideal for designers, architects, and real estate marketers looking to showcase properties in their best light.

4. Qualitative 3D Modeling and Texturing

  • Our team provides top-tier 3D modeling services, focusing on the creation of accurate and highly detailed models. Texturing is handled with precision, ensuring that all surfaces display realistic materials and finishes.

5. 3D Tours and 360 3D Panorama

  • Offer prospective buyers or tenants a virtual tour with our immersive 3D tours and 360-degree panoramas. These tools are invaluable for long-distance clients and those looking to get a comprehensive view of the property without an on-site visit.

6. Site Plan Rendering

  • Convert traditional site plans into engaging, easily comprehensible 3D site renders. These are particularly useful for presenting the spatial dynamics of a property within its broader architectural context, enhancing understanding and engagement in planning discussions.

7. Landscape Design and 3D Visualization

  • Extend the visual experience to the outdoors with our landscape design and 3D visualization services. From lush garden spaces to intricate urban landscapes, our visualizations help clients see the full potential of the exterior spaces surrounding their properties.

Innovative Processes in 3D Rendering and Real Estate Visualization

At the Architectural Phoenix Team, we pride ourselves on pioneering new frontiers in the realm of 3D rendering and real estate visualization. Our approach combines artistry with advanced technology, enabling us to produce stunning, high-resolution renderings that truly capture the envisioned potential of any project. Our team comprises forward-thinking creatives who work collaboratively to tailor each rendering to the client’s specific desires, ensuring every detail reflects their vision and exceeds their expectations. By consistently integrating the latest advancements in CGI technology, we not only maintain but also elevate the enduring quality and innovative nature of our deliverables. This commitment to excellence and innovation keeps us at the cutting edge of the industry, always ready to offer our clients something unique and spectacular.

Real Estate Architecture 3D Rendering


Real Estate Design and Visualization Services Packages

Starter Package - Basic Visualization

  • Price: $750 USD
  • Includes:
    • 2 Exterior Renderings
    • 1 Interior Rendering
    • Basic landscape design visualization
  • Best For: Small residential projects or initial project visualizations.

Premium Package - Comprehensive Visualization

  • Price: $2,500 USD
  • Includes:
    • 6 Exterior Renderings with premium detailing
    • 5 Interior Renderings with high-end finishes and complex textures
    • 2 360° Panorama Views
    • Detailed landscape design and 3D visualization
    • Virtual Reality tour of the space
  • Best For: Large-scale residential developments or commercial projects requiring extensive detailed visualizations for stakeholders and investors.

Professional Package - Advanced Visualization

  • Price: $1,500 USD
  • Includes:
    • 4 Exterior Renderings with enhanced detail
    • 3 Interior Renderings with custom textures and lighting
    • 1 360° Panorama View
    • Intermediate landscape and site plan rendering
  • Best For: Mid-sized residential or commercial projects looking for detailed presentations and marketing materials.

Custom Package - Tailored Solutions

  • Price: Custom Pricing Based on Scope
  • Includes:
    • Custom number of renderings as required by the project
    • Specific focus on unique aspects of the project such as lighting, textures, and materials
    • Any additional services such as animated walkthroughs or augmented reality experiences
  • Best For: Unique or complex projects that require bespoke visualization services tailored to specific needs.

Explore Our Customizable Visualization Packages

At Architectural Phoenix Team, we pride ourselves on offering a range of Real Estate Design and Visualization Services tailored to suit the varying demands of our clients. From the Starter Package designed for small-scale projects to the comprehensive Premium Package intended for large developments, each option is thoughtfully put together to maximize value and impact. Our packages are crafted not just to meet but to exceed client expectations, ensuring each visualization brings every aspect of their project to life with clarity and creativity.

"We understand that the real estate industry demands precision and a keen eye for detail, which is why our team is equipped with the latest technology and the most creative minds in the field. By choosing one of our service packages, clients gain access to top-tier architectural rendering and visualization services that can significantly enhance their marketing and presentation efforts. Whether you’re looking to attract investors, satisfy stakeholders, or captivate potential buyers, the Architectural Phoenix Team is here to transform your visions into compelling digital realities. Contact us to discover how our solutions can be customized to your project’s specific needs.

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