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Architectural Rendering for Your Modular Home Addition in Caldwell, NJ

Hand-drawn floor plan for a house in Caldwell, NJ. The plan features a master bedroom with a large horizontal window and two vertical windows on either side. The bedroom leads to a closet and a bathroom with multiple windows. The notes indicate a preference for casement windows that pop or crank open, compliant with fire codes, in an industrial modern style. There are arrows pointing to specific window placements, including an interesting vertical window by the staircase and a large horizontal window at the bottom. Measurements and layout details are included.
Modular Aditions
Exterior view of a single-story house in Caldwell, NJ, before any modifications or additions. The house features light gray siding, a two-car garage on the left, and a main entrance with a small porch on the right. The front yard is well-maintained with a large tree, bushes, and green grass, creating a charming and inviting appearance.
Caldwell,NJ (Before)
Architectural rendering of a two-story modular home addition in Caldwell, NJ, after modifications. The modern design features dark gray siding, large windows, and a combination of horizontal and vertical lines. The entrance is highlighted with stone cladding and a modern wooden door. The house includes a two-car garage on the left, and the landscaping features a well-maintained lawn, trees, and decorative plants around the foundation. The overall style is contemporary with clean lines and a sleek appearance.
Caldwell,NJ (After)
Architectural rendering of a modern two-story home addition at 7 Spruce Rd, Caldwell, NJ. The close-up view showcases the main entrance, featuring a wooden door with a stone-clad facade and a small porch with a wooden overhang. The exterior is finished with dark vertical siding and large windows. The landscaping includes lush greenery and decorative plants along a paved pathway, with mature trees providing shade and a natural backdrop.
7 Spruce Rd,Caldwell,NJ
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