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Project Development: Showcasing All Design Options

Unleash Infinite Possibilities with 3D Exterior Rendering

3D exterior rendering stands as a game-changer in the architectural and design industry, offering a dynamic platform to explore and present all design options effortlessly. This powerful tool allows clients and stakeholders to visualize every aspect of a project with stunning clarity and detail before the first stone is laid.

  • Finishes and Materials: With 3D rendering, every texture and finish can be applied and viewed in real-time, providing an accurate depiction of the final look. From the sheen of a metallic facade to the rustic charm of brick textures, clients can make informed decisions based on what they see.
  • Doors and Windows: Position, style, and design of doors and windows can drastically alter the aesthetics and functionality of a building. 3D rendering showcases various options, allowing for adjustments that perfect the building’s character and lighting.
  • Comprehensive Customization: Beyond the basics, 3D rendering enables the integration of detailed environmental elements and landscaping to ensure that the new development complements its surroundings. It also allows for experimenting with different lighting scenarios to capture the building's ambiance at different times of the day or year.
A photorealistic 3D rendering of a two-story family home. The exterior walls are covered in white horizontal siding, complemented by dark roofing. The house features large windows with white frames, a double-hung window above the garage, and an inviting front door with sidelights, all adding to its classic charm. A lantern-style light fixture hangs above the covered entryway, which is accessed by stone steps with a black metal railing. A potted plant next to the steps adds a touch of greenery to the neutral-toned facade.

With 3D exterior rendering, every choice is visible, every decision is informed, and every design potential is unlocked. It’s not just planning; it’s about previewing the future of your project with precision and creativity.

Exterior Rendering

A 3D rendered image of a modern high-rise building located in Cali, Valle del Cauca. The building is characterized by its salmon-colored facade, multiple balconies with glass railings, and external white piping. Palm trees and lush greenery partially obscure the front view, enhancing the urban tropical setting. A sign in the lower part of the image identifies the building as 'Cl. 5d Oe. #15-29, COMUNA 1'. The scene captures a typical foggy or overcast day, adding a moody atmosphere to the urban landscape.
3D Modeling
A black and white 3D rendering of a modern high-rise apartment building in Cali, Colombia, created by the Architectural Phoenix Team. The building features a curved facade with balconies on each floor, providing a panoramic view of the surroundings. The exterior includes prominent white structural columns that contrast sharply with the dark window frames and balcony railings. Lush palm trees flank the building, adding a tropical touch to the urban environment. The overall composition highlights the integration of contemporary architecture with natural elements.
Cali Colombia

Seamless Project Execution with Architectural Phoenix Team

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Use the Architectural Phoenix Team CRM to pose questions, monitor project progress, provide feedback, and request adjustments as necessary.

Get Results
Review and approve the final outcome — stunning 3D exterior imagery that will captivate your clients.

Estimated Pricing for 3D Rendering Services

As a general guideline, the starting price for high-quality architectural visualizations from a 3D rendering company is typically around $299. For more detailed breakdowns:

  • 3D Exterior Views: On average, exterior renderings cost about $500.
  • 3D Interior Visualizations: The average price for interior renderings is approximately $250.
  • 3D Floor Plans: You can expect to pay around $300 per floor for detailed floor plans.
  • Aerial Views: Aerial renderings generally average at $800.
  • These prices serve as a baseline, with final costs dependent on the complexity and specifics of the project.
A photorealistic 3D rendering of a lush garden pathway in Tuluá, Valle del Cauca. The path is composed of large, rectangular stone slabs set in a bed of small gray stones. On either side, an abundance of tropical vegetation including large-leafed plants, shrubs, and towering trees creates a vibrant green canopy. The background features a modern building with geometric architecture, partially covered in climbing green vines, blending the structure seamlessly with the natural surroundings. This serene setting emphasizes a harmonious balance between urban and natural elements.
Tuluá, Valle del Cauca
A close-up view of elegant wood patio doors by Andersen Windows & Doors, rendered in 3D. The doors are painted in a deep forest green, featuring multiple glass panes that allow for ample natural light to filter through. Each door is fitted with long, sleek, white handles that contrast with the dark frame, enhancing the door's modern aesthetic. The design is sophisticated yet functional, showcasing the doors as they open to an outdoor patio, providing a glimpse of a tranquil exterior setting.
Andersen Windows & Doors

What does a brief include?

To initiate a 3D interior rendering project, you must provide the Architectural Phoenix Team with a comprehensive set of materials. This includes plans, sketches, texture samples, and style references. For a complete list of required files and details, please download the project brief.

Exterior Rendering Services: Choose from Our Tailored Packages

Basic Exterior Rendering Package


This package is designed for clients needing basic exterior renderings, ideal for small residential projects or preliminary presentations. The renders will provide a clear view of the building's exterior without intricate details or advanced lighting effects.


  • 3 exterior renders
  • Basic texture and material application
  • Static daylight setting
  • Delivery in high-resolution JPEG format

Pricing: $500

Ideal for: Small residential projects, initial client presentations, or quick visualizations.

Standard Exterior Rendering Package


Our Standard package offers more detailed renders with enhanced texturing and lighting, suitable for clients who need more refined visuals to present to stakeholders or for marketing purposes.


  • 3 high-quality exterior renders
  • Advanced texturing and material realism
  • Two lighting settings (Day and Dusk)
  • Post-processing enhancements
  • Delivery in high-resolution JPEG and PDF formats

Pricing: $1,200

Ideal for:Real estate developers, marketing residential or commercial properties, and client approvals.

Premium Exterior Rendering Package


The Premium package provides top-tier architectural visualizations with full detail, complex environments, and multiple lighting scenarios. It's perfect for high-end presentations, detailed planning, and marketing campaigns.


  • 3 ultra-realistic exterior renders
  • Comprehensive environment detailing including landscaping, people, and vehicles
  • Multiple lighting scenarios (Morning, Afternoon, Evening)
  • Interactive 360-degree view
  • Post-processing and detailed touch-ups
  • Priority client support
  • Delivery in multiple formats (JPEG, PDF, TIFF)

Pricing: $2,500

Ideal for:Luxury real estate, commercial projects, detailed planning submissions, and high-impact marketing presentations.

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Frequently asked questions

What is exterior rendering?

Exterior rendering is the process of creating three-dimensional visuals showing the exterior design of architectural projects to be built. It is done by 3D artists using computer software. Exterior rendering can show the architecture itself as well as the buildings’ surroundings in photorealisitc quality. It is widely used by architects and real estate professionals in presentations and marketing materials.

What are the types of exterior rendering?

Depending on an architectural project type, there can be residential and commercial exterior rendering. Also, exterior rendering comes in different formats: it can be in the form of static images or a dynamic 3D animation. The latter shows architectural projects in motion in a digitally made video. On top of that, there are interactive augmented and virtual reality 3D solutions that provide the most immersive experience for the audience.

What is the cost of exterior rendering?

The exact cost of a particular exterior rendering project depends on many factors. They include the task complexity, the number of renders needed, the architectural style of a project, and so on. Also, the estimate highly depends on working hours spent by 3D artists on the task. You can learn about the prices in more detail if you download our price list. To get an estimate for a particular exterior rendering project, please contact Architectural Phoenix Team client managers via chat or e-mail.

How long does exterior rendering take?

The exact time needed to complete an exterior visualization project depends on its complexity, the number of renders needed, and other factors. However, one can say that the average turnaround time for completing an exterior visualization project is 1 week.

How to order exterior rendering services?

To get exterior rendering services, one should contact Architectural Phoenix Team client managers using online chat on our website or email and send a project brief. Ideally, the latter should include general information on the project, drawings, references for materials and finishes, requirements for the surroundings (with photos if available), and mood references. After getting a brief, 3D artists will get down to work and deliver stunning APT visuals as soon as possible.

What software is used for exterior rendering?

The list of software for exterior rendering includes 3Ds Max, Corona Renderer, V-Ray, Blender, Autodesk Revit, Lumion, Cinema 4D, and many other tools.

A 3D rendering of a contemporary home featuring large glass windows and a mixture of exterior materials, including white stucco, wood, and natural stone. The roof is partially covered with solar panels, enhancing the house's modern and eco-friendly design. The front view displays a clear glass doorway that leads into a warmly lit interior with visible furniture, suggesting a comfortable and stylish living space. Landscaped with ornamental grasses and flowering plants, the front garden adds a touch of nature, while a pebble pathway provides a clean approach to the entrance."  Regarding the time it takes for exterior rendering:  The duration of creating an exterior rendering like this can vary significantly depending on several factors:  Complexity of the Design: More complex designs with detailed textures, materials, and additional elements such as landscaping or furniture require more time. Resolution and Quality: Higher resolution and more detailed renderings take longer to produce. Professional Capacity: The experience and resources of the rendering team can affect speed. More experienced professionals or teams with better software and hardware can complete projects faster. Client Revisions: The number of changes requested by the client can extend the timeline. Typically, a high-quality exterior rendering for real estate purposes can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. For commercial projects or highly detailed renderings, it might take longer to perfect all aspects of the visualization.
3D House Rendering

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A photorealistic 3D rendering of a covered patio area of a farmhouse in New Jersey. The space features textured dark stone flooring arranged in a random pattern that contrasts with the white horizontal siding of the house walls. The ceiling is also white, displaying clean, parallel lines that enhance the spacious feel. The area is furnished with two wooden chairs and a small table, facing out towards a lush green garden visible beyond a low wall. Large windows with dark frames offer a view inside the cozy, warmly lit interior.
3D Visualization