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Share Your Instagram Login Information With Your Admin    

If you want to learn how to add admin to Instagram, let's start with the most basic solution! The first yet most primitive way is to just share your login information with your admin.

There are many issues with this method! First, you should be able to trust the admin. And this trust doesn't only stretch to his person but also his ability to manage your IG account.

What if this trust costs you your account on which you spent so much time and energy?! What if you start losing your hard-earned Instagram followers?

Let's imagine you even get past your trust issues and trust him fully! Given that Instagram is designed for personal use, logging in from different IP addresses pushes Instagram to close your account to protect it!

So even if you know how to add admin to Instagram with this method, you will find it too risky and restrictive. You won't be able to add multiple users, and you'll have to continue, knowing that IG might close your account at any moment!

If you are here, you have probably thought of this method. And now you're trying to understand how to add admin on Instagram in a safe way!

Share Your Instagram Login Information With Your Admin    

‘How do I add an admin to Instagram?’ you asked. And here we are with a safe yet relatively complicated method. Read on to find out!

Instagram and Facebook are of the same blood; no one denies that. Yet despite all the similarities, Instagram does not allow us to add admin while Facebook does. 

And using the link between the two, we can know how to add an admin on Instagram! Before Going through that, though, I must warn you that the process will give you a headache!

Let’s read how to add admin to Instagram using Facebook, shall we? Follow these steps:

  1. First, create a Facebook business manager account.

  2. Switch to an Instagram business account.

  3. Now, link the social media accounts.

  4. Then, on your Facebook business manager account, find ‘add partner.’

  5. Enter your admin’s ID [if you are Facebook friends]. That is how you assign your admin as your partner.

  6. And finally, ask your admin if he has received your request.

Now ask your admin to take the following step:

  1. First, click on ‘user.’

  2. Then, click on ‘page.’

  3. Click on ‘Add.’

  4. Then, request access to a page.

  5. Enter the Instagram name or drop the link.

  6. Now, click on the ‘Request Access’ button.

Now you find the Request in the left bar to see the access request from your admin. Before we go any further, allow me to make something clear.

Just A Clarification!    

To clarify things, I must emphasize one thing. Usually, others ask you to link your Instagram account to your admin’s Facebook business manager account.

However, I explicitly asked you to connect your Instagram business account to your own Facebook business manager account. And I recommended adding your admin’s Facebook business account to your own Facebook business account as a partner.

Why? Because you don’t know how things will go in the future. This way, you have your own Facebook account linked to your Instagram account. And, you can easily replace your admin with someone else.

But if you link your Instagram account to his Facebook account, things will get complicated if you try to work separately.

The Upsides To Using This Method        

On the upside, you can add multiple users on one Instagram account as admins with this method. The other reason is you don’t need to give up your loving Instagram login information to someone else.

The Downsides To Using This Method    

I was right about the headache thing, right? Using this method is daily complicated and demands the energy and time we don’t have!

I tried my best to explain it as simply as possible, though. I hope Instagram will design a feature soon enough so that we don’t have to go through complicated explanations to learn how to add admin to the Instagram account.

But till then, save yourself all that headache and use a free third-party tool to add your admin to Instagram and get over with it.

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How To Add Admin To Instagram Account With AiGrow        

So far, we have tried our best to show how to add admin to an Instagram account. But as you have probably noticed, we have failed to provide a safe, reliable, straightforward method.

But right now, we have the perfect answer to all your questions; AiGrow!