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Prices for 3D-Visualization

3D Visualizations from Architectural Phoenix Team: Awesome Value for Your Money

Present your projects in a unique, innovative, and contemporary way with visualizations from the Architectural Phoenix Team. We make sure your concepts have the ultimate design variety without compromising flexibility. And it's our variable pricing model that makes sure you get exactly what you want.

We implement 3-D visualizations in various forms, and many factors influence the cost. One of the most important factors is how realistic a scene should be. The greater the level of detail, the more time and effort we have to invest. The APT prices, the virtual-reality prices and the architectural-visualization prices are available individually upon request and are customized to your order and requirements.

Flexible and Moderate Pricing

We help you to use 3D-visualizations and 3D Renderings to create complex contexts, spatial structures, photo-realistic materials, time of day, light and shadow that look real. As a starting point for this process, Architectural Phoenix Team offers 3 price categories.

The price is based on your ideas and specifications, which you give us in advance. This includes the kind of visualization you need, such as whether the project will include exterior and interior views. Also we consider the amount of perspectives your project will be presented in. If you want your scenery to look more lively by including virtual people, no problem: just let us know. Let us prepare the existing planning documents such as floor plans, location drawings, graphics, or sketches for you. The more detail we have, the more individualized your visualization will be. And if you need longer processing periods or provide us with usable 3-D models, we will happily give you discounts.




            $650.00 USD            

3d modeling       3 Interior Renders
3d floorplan     2 Exteriors Render
quality 3d renderings       1 Floor Architectural Rendering
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3d visualization




              $1,184.00 USD            

floor plan     6 Interior Renders
3d rendering service    2 Exteriors Render
vary depending      1 Floor Architectural Rendering
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residential renderings




                $1,368.00 USD            

detail you require     360 Interior Renders
high quality 3d    4 Exteriors Render
rendering cost      1 Floor Architectural Rendering
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